Hold On, We’re Going Home-Drake (Dusty Johnston Remix)



LISTEN: http://www.mixcloud.com/djdusty/dust-to-dust-vol1/

INDOOR RECESS-DJ DUSTY (Chillout House and Electronica mixed by DJ DUSTY)


One-U2 (Dusty Johnston Remix)

Dreams-Fleetwood Mac (Delta Rain Remix)

I love the original song and I know it’s hard to remix such a classic so I tried to do it as tastefully as I could. I am happy with the results. Listen and enjoy.

Yearn by Dusty Johnston



This is my new Promo mini-mix. I made it last week when I was feeling under the weather and under the influence of couch/cold medicine. This mix is an excursion through some of the more melodic, acoustic influenced, dreamy House music I enjoy rather than dancefloor bangers. It’s a really great, trippy mix. I’m quite happy with it, even though I don’t remember making it. Please share this with your mates if you enjoy it. Thanks to everyone that supports me. Cheers


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